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TeeJay, Ishawna – Mood (Official Video)

TeeJay, Ishawna – Mood (Official Video)

Teejay and Ishawna launched a new song with a graphic portrayal of the escapades from their bedrooms.

In a new song and video with dancehall vixen Ishawna the Uptop Boss shows off his vocals and dances. The single titled “MOOD” is a raw, mid-tempo sexual jam that leaves no unsaid sexual detail. Ishawna tells her St. James (Teejay’s hometown) man’s story that she “zips through the toll” for her weekly queries.

Teejay and Ishawna enjoy each other’s company in the music video at a house in the hills surrounded by tall palm trees and beautiful landscaping. Ishawna, who remains scantily dressed for the whole of the song, has verses that might be even more suggestive than those of Teejay.

TeeJay, Ishawna

“Teejay a so yuh did stay? / Yuh b***y mek mi p***y give way / Yuh mek mi shed eye water under yuh saca boy / But this a nuh play play / Yuh have me a weap and a moan a reminisce pon di f**k wah me a loan / Cya sleep cah mi lie dung and a think bout yuh c***y itch up ina jawbone,” Ishawna sings.

“Gyal whine pon di c***y when it go up ina yuh belly yuh fi twerk / Mi mek yuh likkle p***y c*m three time, yeah di f**k did worth it / Cock up yuh ba**y yah / And mek mi slap yuh pon yuh ba**y jaw / Yuh vibrate like Nokia / When juice a run dung pon da c***y yah,” sings Teejay in the hook.

Khalfani Records recorded the song while Lagikz directed and filmed the music video. On the local YouTube map “MOOD” is currently trend No. 4. 


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