Niasha teams up with Twins Of Lights & Bryan Churchboi to say #Amen

Energetic music minister, Niasha launches a new song with Twins of Lights and Bryan ChurchBoi titled #Amen

According to Niasha, “God never leaves us, no matter how painful the situation is.
Anyone will leave, all hell will break loose, plagues will fly around, trouble and news of troubles left, right and center but Is 54:10 reassures us that even if the mountains go down, God’s love is with us.

“He’s Alpha and Omega, which means he’s not only the beginning and the end, he’s all IN BETWEEN, he knows the end from the start and we’re all SING OUR VICTORY SONG so we can win only. Let this song bless you and give you hope in this season. Your God is with you and there is none like Him.

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