Nasty C Speaks Out On Allegations

Nasty C Speaks Out Of Allegations That He Once Tried To Take Publicity From A-Reece. When A-Reece announced that he would drop Paradise 2 as a simple reminder to fans waiting for his music, a few hours later Nasty C announced the long-awaited release date of his project Zulu Man With Some Strength.

Since the two are competitors, it was easily believed that Nasty C was acting out of envy and strain.

Speaking to TshisaLive, the Hell Naw rapper said that he didn’t realize the teaser Reece had dropped that day and that he didn’t waste any of his espionage on other musicians.

“I wasn’t even aware that he dropped that (teaser). I didn’t know that. I’m not out here to keep track of other musicians. But I know social media is like that. They are bored at home at the moment and nothing is going on in their lives, so they just want to see something happen.

“They just want to be entertained, but I am not worried about that kind of stuff. Each to his own, say what you want, I don’t care really.”

When asked about his beef with Nasty C, the Holding Hands rapper said he didn’t want beef, but his former boss from Ambitiouz Entertainment encouraged the beef to take place.

“Let me tell you what happened, first the label happened, and then Nasty was up and up and doing his thing to get his glory. And when A-Reece is signed with AE, you have the owner of the label with his own agendas to take over the game. In order to be the one about reading artists throughout my age group, I had to go to Nasty.

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