Nandi Madida Speaks About Her Beautiful Relationship With Zakes Bantwini

Nandi Madida Speaks About Her Beautiful Relationship With Zakes Bantwini. Nandi Madida was the newest guest on Mac G’s highly acclaimed podcast interview show ‘Podcast and Chill’.

Nandi Madida was the newest guest on Mac G’s highly acclaimed podcast interview show ‘Podcast and Chill’. The actress and musician spoke about the great milestones that she has reached. She also spoke about her relationship with the love of her life Zakes Bantwini and about their marriage contract.

The ‘Organic’ musician states that before Zakes Bantwini she didn’t want to get into a relationship with industry dudes because they would be insecure. She states that before the husband she has dated two people and her last ex was a chartered accountant. “I met Zakes at the SAMA nomination party…and I remember he came a bit too hard. He was like I think you are so beautiful,” says Nandi Madida. The actress says that she just complimented Zakes Bantwini’s music, thus telling him that she loves it and calling him a genius.

When the fellow musician asked Nandi Madida for her numbers she said no because the Joburg culture is full of chancers. However, a friend motivated her to give him the numbers. She gave him the numbers because she wanted to work with him since she started in music. It took a while before the couple started dating, according to Nandi Madida. She then spoke about the marriage contract change.

Nandi Madida says that she has dreams that are outside of South Africa, so if they have to travel she doesn’t want to be consulting her husband constantly every time. The musician says that when they got married they thought that they signed out of community of property but they were mistaken. She assured that they are not getting divorced.


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