Kwesta Set To Work With Idols SA Singer on Yoki Yoki Remix

Kwesta Set To Work With Idols SA Singer on Yoki Yoki Remix. Looks like Idols SA’s artist, Vhudi Mamphwe’s got a lot of luck on his side as he’s going to work with one of SA’s biggest rappers, Kwesta.

A while back, Vhudi Mamphwe became a sensation after performing his hit single, My Yoki Yoki, at the Idols SA show audition. He was, unfortunately, eliminated from the competition. However, this did not dissuade him as he vowed to release the song as his first single, thus beginning his music career.

The budding music artist has recently taken to Twitter to call Kwesta for a collaboration on the remix of the single.

“Hi guys, please , check out my interview and share the video to help you get to the kwest. I’d like to remix my yoki yoki with hi, “he tweeted.

In his response, Kwesta agreed to work with Vhudi on the record. According to him, he’s got a lot of work to do right now, but as soon as he’s finished, they’re going to work together on the song.


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