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Intence – Grimey (Official Video)

Intence – Grimey (Official Video)

Intence is not going to let a week pass without launching a new music video, as is the latest trend among artists around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the hottest dancehall artists of 2020.

In Jamaica, Intence leads the pack in terms of quantity of music video released in 2020. We are now blessed with the visuals entitled ‘Grimey’ for the dancehall hit. The hook of the soon to be trending song has a hit song named “Try Me” like hip-hop artist DeJ Loaf.

In this new update, after doing so days ago in his partnership with Iwaata, Intence aimed directly at the 6ix camp, and Vybz Kartel again.

Intence - Grimey (Official Video)

One line in particular is certainly aimed at Vybz Kartel and the 6ix crew “funeral 6 fren a carry dem body macki 11 singing yuh would think a short” sings Intence a few days after saying “All da one deh ova deh suh knows that he was behind it” While Iwaata went on to announce that “the short gal him regularly run a battery.” The fans comment that Vybz Kartel and his common-law wife Shorty are dreaming about the young St. Andrew artistes.

The latest music video from Grimey also shows Intence murdering many men in what appears to be a prison cell and as we know Kartel is actually locked away in jail.

SOME LYRICS “tell dem jus try me… pull up with seven mattic inna di drive way… anybody fuct up ago feel e… claim dem a murdera oh really”.

Download: Intence – Grimey (Official Video)


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