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How to stream sport live without using DStv

How to stream sport live without using DStv

Showmax Pro launched recently in South Africa, enabling fans of local sports to watch live fixtures without a DStv subscription.

This package also provides a full range of series and movies available on Showmax, and this should be factored into the standalone streaming service ‘s price.

Showmax Pro is priced at R449 per month, with a price of R225 per month for the Smartphone edition of the service.

Showmax Pro Mobile also provides curated sports, news, and entertainment but is only available on smartphones and tablets, offering one viewing platform and one single registered unit.

The full version of the service is available on different platforms, providing two simultaneous viewing streams with a resolution of up to 720p, and allowing for five enrolled users.

Showmax Pro covers activities such as:

  • Football: English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, FA Cup, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues (SA only), and Premier Soccer League.
  • Athletics: Diamond League, and World Challenge League.
  • Running: Berlin, Boston, London, NYC, and Soweto Marathons.
  • Boxing: Selected IBF, WBA, WBO, WBC and African Boxing events.
  • Other (SA only): Swimming, extreme sports, eSports, basketball, triathlon, horse racing, EFC, netball, and hockey.

You will need to sign up for DStv Premium if you want to watch motorsport, cricket, rugby, or other sports which are included in SuperSport but not in Showmax Pro.

However, you can create your own streaming bouquet of live sports by subscribing to individual sporting events through their official online platforms.

We contrasted the price of live streaming services of international sports available in South Africa with that of Showmax Pro below.

Create your own bouquet
The table below shows the prices of different sports streaming services which provide some of the content available on the SuperSport channels of DStv Premium.

There is currently no pure streaming option among South African audiences for the three most popular sports-soccer, rugby, and cricket.

Using the exchange rate at the time of writing, pricing was converted from USD values to South African Rand where appropriate.

Streaming Pricing
Streaming ServicePrice per month
F1TV ProR83.46
UFC Fight PassR200.75
Tennis TVR250.90
WWE NetworkR167.30

The above prices show that while individual sports streaming services can be subscribed to in South Africa, it is more successful to sign up for Showmax Pro or DStv.

As Showmax Pro is priced at R449 per month and includes a large range of sports, many local viewers will find this the more affordable option.

However, those who are only interested in a single sport, such as Formula 1, may see more value in signing up for an individual streaming service such as F1TV Pro, provided they forgo a DStv Premium subscription which includes F1 coverage.

It’s clear that while it’s possible to create your own bouquet of digital streaming services, if you watch a variety of sports you’ll probably find more value in signing up to Showmax Pro or DStv Premium.


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