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verbverb: fuse; 3rd person present: fuses; past tense: fused; past participle: fused; gerund or present participle: fusing

  1. 1.join or blend to form a single entity.“intermarriage had fused the families into a large unit”synonyms:combine, amalgamate, put together, blend, merge, meld, mingle, intermix, intermingle, synthesize; More

fuseMag is the world’s leading multimedia site for providing the Latest News | God’s Word | Music | Videos | Events Updates. We aim to regularly dish up-to-the-minute news in any segment in our platform that is definitive, well studied and experienced. fuseMag was formed in August 2019 and promises to be one of the world’s fast-growing and most visited online sites. It’s one of the best user-friendly websites for quick music, video access and all the globe-wide buzzing news. In addition, Artists are considering our website a valuable source of direct input from their audiences and a way to gain insight into what their audiences are thinking.

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