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verbverb: fuse; 3rd person present: fuses; past tense: fused; past participle: fused; gerund or present participle: fusing

  1. 1.join or blend to form a single entity.“intermarriage had fused the families into a large unit”synonyms:combine, amalgamate, put together, blend, merge, meld, mingle, intermix, intermingle, synthesize; More

fuseMag is the world’s leading multimedia site for providing the Latest News | Songs | Videos | Movies | Events Updates. In every section of our website that is definitive, well-researched and experienced, we plan to regularly distribute up-to-the-minute news. In August 2019, fuseMag was launched and promises to be one of the fast-growing and most visited online sites in the world. It’s one of the best websites for instant music, video access and all the buzzing news around the globe. In addition, artists regard our website as a reliable source of their viewers’ direct feedback and a way to gain insight into what their viewers think.

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