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verb: fuse; 3rd person present: fuses; past tense: fused; past participle: fused; gerund or present participle: fusing
  1. 1.
    join or blend to form a single entity.
    “intermarriage had fused the families into a large unit”
    synonyms: combineamalgamate, put together, blendmergemeldmingleintermixinterminglesynthesizeMore

Fuse is the premier online platform that delivers all Latest News | Music | Videos | Events Updates to the entire world. We strive to continually dish out authoritative, well researched, and seasoned up-to-the-minute news on every category in our site.

fuseMag was formed in August 2019 is promising to continually be one of the steadily growing and most visited sites in the entire world online. It is one of the best user-friendly websites for easy music, video download, and all buzzing news around the globe. Furthermore, Artists find our platform a useful source of direct feedback from their fans and a way to gain insight into what their fans respond to.

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